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My idea

Self Compassion

I think that for me, the central idea of being self-compassionate is that it implicate bravery. In these days most of the people think that a person who is gentle and kind is also a week or a looser, I've seen it and it gets me frustrated because much of people applauds rude attitudes when the most sacrifice and most bravery are to have a kind mind and a kind heart who can be able to have self-respect and self-love that can offer to the people around us.


How does purchasing via chatbot impact my industry and how will messaging change customer service?

I think would be great for reduces cost, and efforts of time for example.
Many times in a process of a planning an advertising campaign the first step is to set the brief, and briefing is a document where through some questions you set the process of an advertising campaign. So if we could automate this questions including the budget that the client is preparing o planning to give for the communication of his brand, that will a great start for de planning process.

Because many times the briefing is just an interview between the client and de executive but not always means that the campaign is sold. So, if we automate this questions, will benefits not only the client but the agency or freelancer as well.